Vladimir Stroozer
Artist : Vladimir Stroozer Oil On Canvas ,Place Vendome 14" x10"
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Vladimir Stroozer

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Vladimir Stroozer was born in St.Petersburg, Russia.

He graduated as one of the best students from the Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg in 1979, with a master of Fine Arts and Architecture degree.

While at school, Vladimir began exhibiting his talented work on a number of themes, which unfortunately came under the scrutiny of the Soviet Ministry of Culture. Deeming his work “political in nature”, the Ministry tried to suppress him and his paintings.
Vladimir refused to accept their mandate that artwork must extol the virtues of the Socialist state and its leaders, and continued painting in his own style.

As punishment, he was arrested and sentenced to a hard labor camp, his work confiscated, and his studio sealed.
His spirit undaunted, he continued sketching and painting while imprisoned with whatever meager supplies he could find.