Chris Hawthorne
"Ruby and Teal Fan"
Medium: Glass Size: 25" x 14" x 8"
Artist: Chris Hawthorne
Price $4,500

Chris Hawthorne

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Working out of a studio in Oregon, Chris Hawthorne has become internationally recognized for his large and colorful, loosely-handled blown glass artwork. His casually elegant forms exemplify masterful skill with this plastic medium.
The spectrum of colors and optical effects possible when working with glass occupy his artistic exploration. To better showcase his mastery of the numerous metallic oxides that blend together to make up his palette. Chris has flattened his vertical forms creating planes like stretched glass canvases.
Also he has blown out large open glass bowls which blend in equal proportions the concerns of the sculptor and the painter. In each work it is this perfect harmony of color and form the distinguishes his vessels.Through a mutual friend, he met Dale Chihuly, who invited him to further explore the medium. His teachers included Dan Dailey and Lino Tagliapetra, who supported his efforts to develop a colorful and painterly approach to glass sculpture at the Pilchuck Glass School.
In 1985 he built his own hot glass shop near the small commercial fishing town of Port Orford, Oregon. “Preparing to work in the studio is much like preparing a special meal. The ingredients are ready, the plan is formulated and now the focus, timing, spontaneity and intuition must carry from the beginning to end. Hot glass has a rhythm and cadence which are dictated by the scale and design of the finished piece. It cannot be rushed or delayed. It must be caressed into existence with determined persuasion and precise timing. Working with glass allows me the luxury of uninterrupted focus on something I love to do. When a piece is produced with all the preparation, work and timing assembled like the presentation of a gourmet meal, the end product is something I am delighted to share.”