Steven Maslach
"The Amber Boat"
Dimensions 42"x6.5"x6" Artist: Steve Maslach
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Steven Maslach

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I am drawn to forms that exist as a result of purpose. The human body, the vessel and the boat take shape from the result of use, of efficiency, and of grace. I involve myself, as an artist, with the representation and evolution of these forms.
Sculpture exists in reality; in space and dimension, and can convey meanings and experiences beyond words. Our memories and responses are invoked by the validity of forms that involve us, delight us, and touch our humanity.
I have worked in glass for 36 years, primarily blowing glass. My work, as for many glassblowers, was derived from the circular vessel forms of the blowpipe. The shapes of containers, graceful and pleasing, are deeply familiar to all of us and have a power derived from long history and use.
I have spent the last several years developing a refined approach to making glass sculpture, direct from molten glass. I am also involved with forms beyond those of the blowpipe.
Every artist must define their intentions, the requirements of their art. I intend to make art that contains life, conveys purpose, requires the uniqueness of glass and is of human scale- large enough to provoke a visceral response.
I work in a scale larger than most pieces made on a blowpipe. I develop my techniques in an effort to achieve sculptural forms without sacrificing the qualities of glass. I utilize the transparency and depth of glass in my work, and found that ladle or kiln-casting, with veils, bubbles and opaque surfaces detracted from my artwork. My process is to direct cast using refined molten glasses, often poured into graphite resulting in a clear surface and a cast of higher quality.