Massimo Cruciani
From Massimo Cruciani: “I live in Assisi, Umbria, and have been creating paintings on glass for 37 years, which are enjoyed by collectors all over the world. Spring is glorious in this part of Italy and my “Red Poppies” is a reflection of the abundance of nature and the promise of summer. My style is simple and figurative, easily accessible on an aesthetic level. My collectors often say it gives them a positive and refreshing feeling, like recalling a pleasant memory and experience. My vision is to add colour to a black and white world.”
Craftsman of colour. Citizen of the world. Massimo Cruciani was born in Rome in 1946, but it is in Umbria that his restless wanderings concluded many years later.
At twenty he was already a professional photographer. His talented determination to transform a black and white image into a photographic painting, the fruit of countless hours spent in the darkroom, became an act of painting without brushes; a kind of personal experimentation that incorporated avant-garde techniques with a youthful imagination eager to embrace spaces and experiences beyond the ordinary.
During this formative phase in his artistic development, Massimo Cruciani worked as a set photographer at Cinecittà in Rome (1967-1968) on the first and second series of the RAI television production La Famiglia Benvenuti, by A. Giannetti.